WATCH: Rookie Faceoff vs SJ – Live Stream and Game Thread

WHO: Los Angeles Kings (1-1-0) vs. San Jose Sharks (2-0-0)
what: 2022 Rookie Faceoff – Game 3
when: Monday, September 19 – 3 pm
Where: TechCU Arena – San Jose, CA
HOW TO FOLLOW: Video: Live stream below – Twitter: @ShafReign, @LAKings

*Note – Live stream expected at 3 p.m. – Stream is only in the Los Angeles and San Jose television markets, may be blacked out in other markets

Kings 3, San Jose 0

third term
19:47 – Another PK completes to start a period for the Kings. The whole group did a great job on the penalty kills this week.
16:09 – The shark has hurt itself with a penalty today. Meyer goes out a second time, it is a cross-checking minor that results in a takedown from the byfield.
11:49 – An open look for Akeel Thomas was snatched from Goudreau’s glove. Good chance and overall turnaround for Thomas in his second game of the rookie event.
5:57 – The Kings have done a good job with the lead in the third round under Herenck. They are constantly trying for opportunities but not getting caught with long innings lengths.
1:10 – LAK goal, Jamsen. After a blocked shot by the byfield, Jamsen added his second goal of the day to an empty net to seal the game for the Kings. Tyler Madden, the third member of the line, earned First Aid.
0:00 – A joint shutout for Ingham and Harenk gives the Kings much to be happy about as they head back to Southern California tonight with wins in two of their three matches in the 2022 rookie faceoff.

second period
19:18 – LAK successfully eliminates PK No. Still looking for our first target of the game as we continue in the mid term.
16:00 – LAK goal, Stefan. A bouncing puck slid out of the LAK zone, creating a rush opportunity for James Stephen, who swung a defender out of his way before going into his backhand and slamming the puck up and into the net. 1-0 lakh.
12:12 – James Stephen is not done yet. He quickly came down the left wing in the offensive zone and slammed a holding penalty on San Jose’s Artemi Niyazev. Kings for PP.
9:51 – David Herrenack replaces Jacob Ingham in goal. The two planned to split today’s game. Ingham finished with nine saves during his portion of the action.
7:46 – Kings are yet to get things going on the power play. After scoring a man-advantage goal in each of the first two games of the event, another chance reduced on a cross checking minor was called on Samuel Meyer.
5:11 – LAK goal, Jamsen. Starting with a save by Herenck, Bayfield picked up the puck and was unable to connect Jamsen on a long feed, but he won the race for the puck and filled a backhand wraparound into the net to make it a 2–0 game. Gave.
1:04 – Mark Liewski knocks on Brandt Clark near the backboard in the King’s Zone and the whistle is blown for boarding. Clarke was slow to get up, but got back into the game and saw action on the power play. Unfortunately for the LAK, it was another failed man-gain.
0:47 – SJ Another scum boils near the net and sees the gloves are covered with snow. Max McCues for SJ and Caleb Lawrence for LA received penalties. Lawrence was given an additional two minutes to elbow, placing the Kings on penalty kills for the remainder of the period.
0:00 – The Kings beat SJ 12-5 in the second period and now have a two-goal lead with 20 minutes to go.

first period
20:00 – The third and final game of the Kings 2022 Rookie Faceoff gets underway!
16:55 – Sharks come out quickly, putting pressure on LAK in the opening minutes. Jacob Ingham had to score 3 goals in the opening round.
15:54 – A quick reaction from the Kings top line puts the puck back at the SJ end. Led by the byfield, who looks comfortable here, LAK have their first chance to score on SJ netminder Benjamin Goudreau.
14:04 – Caleb Lawrence gets his best chance for LA, opening himself to see a point-blank in the net that was torn apart.
13:05 – After a good left pad saved by Ingham, the Kings took the puck to the other side and created another offensive that resulted in a penalty on San Jose’s Artem Guryev.
10:11 – LAK came up empty on its first PP opportunity. There was an added edge to it at the start of the game, with several scrums to be broken up after the whistle.
9:15 – Helz Grans takes a shot from point look off the crossbar before going up and over the net. Still a scoreless game with the shot on goal even at 6-6.
8:07 – A high hit on Tyler Madden by Gurev was called for an elbow hit. Another chance at a man-advantage in the opening frame for the Kings.
6:03 – A single shot on goal all the Kings manage with their second extra-man opportunity.
4:28 – Francesco Pinelli is called for a penalty on a heavy hit, giving San Jose their first power play of the day.
1:32 – As they did on Saturday, the Kings set to work a penalty kill, keeping the Sharks away from the front of the net. But just like on Saturday, LA has taken the second penalty in a row, it’s up to James Stephen to hook.
0:00 – 28 seconds Still on a penalty for Stefan, but it was another good start from a penalty kill for LAK to end the period. Overall, there isn’t much action in the first, but there is something to keep an eye on as both the teams progress physically.

Kings Lineup –

Jamsen – Bayfield – Kromiyaki
Lee – Thomas – Madden
Rosmi – Helenius – Lawrence

Inamoto – Clark
Nausianen – Grans
Lajoi – Kosiori


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