The Pulse: A Super Bowl Preview, NBA Draft Changes, and Guy Fieri’s Younes

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Bills And Eagles are terrible

The games themselves were a snooze. The emerging narrative was not: Philadelphia and Buffalo should be considered Super Bowl favorites from their respective conferences, which is what we saw on Monday night.

The Eagles and Bills both won the Routes, beating the former Minnesota like it was the 2018 NFC title game and the latter beat the team of titans who looks lost. Buffalo was already titled Super Bowl favorite earlier in the season; The Eagles’ talented roster is finally fully realized.

a special honorable mention Darius SlayEagles cornerback who choked out Superstar Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson The whole night ends with two interceptions and A ball given to Sixers star James Harden,

new NFL Power Ranking? glad you asked, The chiefs give company to these teams.



high School student Could be back in NBA draft by 2024, athleticK Shams Charaniya reported on Monday. In form of nba And the NBPA struck a new collective bargaining agreement, with both sides set to do away with the infamous one-and-done rule.

A quick breakdown:

  • The age requirement for entry into the NBA Draft would be 19 to 18, reverting to the range from 1995 to 2005. LeBron? Kilogram? Yes. Most high school seniors will be eligible.
  • Everyone seems to be happy about this, perhaps aside from top college coaches like John Calipari, who’s been expecting it for a while, The rule change would be more appropriate for players who can make the jump.
  • Don’t assume that college basketball will fade. With the advent of Zero, few players may be more impressed with developing in college and earning legitimate money.

Seth Davis says it’s good for college sports, and even argue for lowering the age limit even further. The scenario is very different – zero, relaxed transfer rules, G League opportunities – the last time high school students could jump.

The good: Kids will have more options. Interesting: How the hell do you choose?

things you need to see

Guy Fieri… the inspiration of Belgium?

We somehow have entered the second week of world Cup Kit talk after last week blue cow spot debacle, Next up: Belgian kits, which…are furious.

sleeve there are flames, socks do too, According to the Royal Belgian Football Association, the fiery content is “a reminder to opponents what they can expect when playing Belgian teams.”

Brooks Peck said it best on our live blog: “Belgians will wear a shirt that even Guy Fieri considers aesthetically offensive.”

They’re still better than the US blues.


Police investigating fan incident
moment after ArizonaThrilling overtime win in Las Vegas on Sunday, video captures a fan attacking Cardinals quarterback kyler murray on the face as he tried to celebrate with a group of Arizona loyalists. Las Vegas Police confirmed to athletic on Monday that they are reviewing an alleged incident of a professional football player being killed by a spectator, but have not been able to identify which player or suspect. Don’t be a loser, kids.

Angels dropped from postseason controversy
We all knew it was coming, but it is here and still as amazing as ever. Baseball Teams With Two of the Five Best Players on Earth Couldn’t even smell the controversy, another indictment that has become one of the most bizarre runs of mediocrity in recent memory. The Angels could be in for a painful off-season. Go Akron Groomsmen,

Bates arrested on gun charges
Former Top Basketball Prospect Emonie Bates was arrested and charged with two felony gun counts Sunday in Michigan. Bates, who began his career in Memphis, moved to Eastern Michigan this off-season. Bates played less in Memphis last season and became the highest-rated player ever to be on the Mid-American Conference team.

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Iheisman straw pole are already out. CJ Stroud, Caleb Williams and … Stetson Bennett?

Iour Britons have An exclusive interview with Bruno Fernandes More about Man You’s poor start this morning and the road ahead.

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