The Beatdown Death of House of the Dragon, Smashed by an MMA Expert

this week’s dragon house The ceremony brought a lot to the table: scheming power couple, bold fashion choicesAnd finally, a particularly nasty brawl.

This is the last bit that we are here to talk about today.

[Ed. note: Significant spoilers follow for the fifth episode of House of the Dragon.]

One of the biggest events of the episode is the wedding between Rainera Targaryen and Lenore Valerian, cementing the bond between the two. two mighty westerosi houses, As is often the case with political marriages, the spouses have their eyes on the others: namely, their respective lovers, Ser Kristen Cole and Ser Joffrey “The Knight of Kiss” Lonemouth.

In marriage, Ser Joffrey concludes that Ser Kristen is his counterpart in this four-way relationship. Joffrey attempts to start a conversation, leading him to learn of Kristen and Renera’s secret, and advises that the two knights seek each other out.

He goes… very bad. Soon after, a commotion ensues on the dance floor, with Kristen over Joffre, left casually in her face. This is a ground-and-pound scene straight out of a modern MMA fight (albeit a fighter wearing a full suit of armor).

Lenore Valerian and Ser Joffrey Lonemouth look into each other's eyes at Lenore's wedding.

Photo: Ollie Upton / HBO

Luckily, I work at the same place where mma fightBest MMA website in the business. So I reached out to senior reporter Damon Martin, who is also a self-described “huge” fan of the Game of Thrones universe.

Martin was impressed by Kristen’s ground-and-pound fight, and compared Knight’s technical approach to that of heavyweight contender Curtis Blades. But he added that the young fighter can still step up his game.

“Credit to Kristen Cole on his technique for quick takedowns and going into the mount, where he starts hitting ‘Knight of the Kisses’, who really needs to work on his defense on the ground, although now it appears That he’ll never get a chance,’ said Martin. “The only real improvement that Ser Kristen needs to make would be mixing in some elbow punches to go with it if he really wants to inflict maximum damage, but he was doing fine with his fist.”

As for Joffrey, the loser in this particular fight – there was no official confirmation of his condition, but he certainly looked to be in pretty bad shape at the end of the exchange – Martin made some notes that he How could he escape his bloody fate?

“Poor Joffrey never had the opportunity to show off any of his fighting skills once he was on his back,” he said. “It seemed like he had never taken a grappling class in all the years he was serving at the Driftmark to House Valerian. At least, Joffrey should have known that the bigger, stronger opponent had to be near him.” How to keep him guarded so that he could at least minimize the damage he was absorbing. Ser Kristen would probably have been exhausted from working on posture and throwing punches, given that He had about 80 pounds of armor at the time, which was weighing him down.”

Ser Kristen Cole holds a knife to his stomach in the grassy area of ​​the House of the Dragon.

Photo: Ollie Upton / HBO

What about Kristen moving on? We see at the end of the episode that Queen Alicent stops him from killing himself. If Kristen puts her mind to it, Martin thinks that Westerosi could be a real star in the MMA world.

“Ser Kristen certainly appears to be the complete package,” said Martin. “He has strength, speed, and a ruthlessness that will likely take him far in future encounters. But fighting emotions can be a double-edged sword, so he might want to keep his temper under control. Because that day Will come when Kristen encounters a like-minded rival, who may take advantage of her inability to separate the job from anything more personal.

“If he continues to work on that wrestling, he could one day fight for the WFC title (Westeros Fighting Championship of course).

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