Sweeney says the Bruins are eyeing a player for PTO

The Boston Bruins are looking to sign a specific player for a professional tryout invitation this Thursday before the start of the team’s 2022-23 training camp, according to Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney.

Speaking to a small media crew of Kevin Paul DuPont (Boston Globe), and Mark Dever (NHL.com) on the final day of the Prospects Challenge in Buffalo on Monday, Sweeney revealed that he and his staff were targeting a certain player. but will not state who or in what position this PTO target is.

After the Boston Bruins signed Patrice Bergeron and David Crazy’s centers, Sweeney indicated that PTO and Weaver Wire could be an option, before the regular season begins on October 12 against the Capitals in Washington DC. Bruins defensemen Matt Grzelczyk and Charlie McAvoy as well as winger Brad Marchand deserve to go on long-term injury reserve, with Sweeney conceding he will have some temporary cap space to use.

“We have some challenges ahead of us, as many teams do and how do we do it through trade or through discounts, which really all teams face,” Sweeney acknowledged on 8 August. november. We don’t have a problem because of LTI and how many injuries we have suffered with the possibility of having LTI.

So while the Boston Bruins are currently at $2.2 million over an $82.5 million salary cap, they should have some solid cap space to play with until the 2022-23 regular season begins.

Three weeks ago, it was suggested here that, if they hadn’t already, the Boston Bruins should consider signing one or both of the veteran defensemen. PK in Sube Or Keith Yandle for a professional tryout. Both players are still available for Sweeney to join the PTO. However, there are some other experienced unrestricted free agents that may be of interest as well. Here’s a quick look at three more potential defenseman PTOs and three potential forward PTOs for the Boston Bruins:


Zhdno fodder – As reported here last week, highly unlikely zadeno variable If he hasn’t played his final season before, he returns to the Boston Bruins to play, which will likely be his final season. As Chara’s agent, Matt Keiter, told my BHN colleague Joe Haggerty, Chara’s surprise visit to Warrior Arena last week is nothing to read. With that said, never say never right? And wouldn’t that be such a good story? Keeping that little hope in mind, Chara makes this list. The 45-year-old, left-shot Future Hall of Famer is coming off a one-year, $1.5M ($750,00 AAV) contract with the New York Islanders. Chara scored two goals and 12 assists in 72 matches last season.

anton stralman – The 36-year-old, right-shot defenseman is coming off the three-year, $16.5 million (5.5M AAV) contract he signed with the Florida Panthers but ended last season with the Arizona Coyotes. In 74 games with the Coyotes last season, Strallman scored eight goals and made 15 assists.

Chris Russell – Russell is coming off a one-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers for $1.2 million and is playing six straight seasons for the Oilers. The 35-year-old, left-shot rearguard had two goals and seven assists in the 31-game injury season in 2021-22.


Tyler Ennis – The 32-year-old, 5-foot-9, 161-pound Ennis is coming off a one-year contract with the Ottawa Senators for $900,000. Ennis had eight goals, 16 assists in 57 games for the Senators last season. Ennis is an awkward and quick winger but the Bruins will have a long shot to make the roster.

Brian Boyle – After making the 2021-22 Pittsburgh Penguins roster on a professional tryout, Brian Boyle Penguins on and off the ice became an important part of the team, and emerged as another leader in an already strong leadership corps. The Hingham, MA native and former Boston College center/winger had 11 goals and 10 assists in 66 games last season. Can Boyle, 36, do the same for the Bruins this season?

Blake Comeau – After going unclaimed on remission last November, Comu never returned to the Dallas Stars lineup and finished with just one goal in six games. Comu battled multiple injuries and truth be told, his current condition is unknown. However, he makes the list because Sweeney has tried to trade and sign for Comu in the past. He’s 36 and he might not have anything in the tank but maybe Sweeney says ‘What the heck? let’s give it a try’

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