San Francisco 49ers QB Trey Lance has season-ending surgery to fix two ankle injuries

SANTA CLARA, CA – After suffering a right ankle injury at the end of the season on Sunday 27-7 win on Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance Already on the road to recovery.

The Niners and Lance announced Monday that the quarterback had “successful surgery for his injured right ankle.”

The procedure took place Monday morning at Stanford Hospital and repaired two injuries to Lance’s ankle: “a fibula fracture and ligament disruption,” according to a statement from the team.

Soon after the operation to repair his broken ankle, Lance took to social media and shared some information about how he was feeling. In a tweet, Lance posted of himself lying on a hospital bed with his right ankle in a cast and a smile on his face.

The caption read: “I really appreciate all the messages and prayers. The surgery was a success and I am ready to attack this rehab process. We will never understand why, but I believe it all It’s a part of his plan. I’ll be back better than ever. This chapter is going to make the story even bigger!”

That rehab process will take some time, and a return this season has been ruled out, but Niners team physician Dr. Tim McAdams said in a statement that he is confident Lance is “in time for a full return in the 2023 season.” Will make a full recovery.” Coach Kyle Shanahan said on Monday that he also believes Lance will be back in time for the start of the 2023 season.

Meanwhile, some of Lance’s colleagues visit him at the hospital on Monday afternoon, and Shanahan plans to visit him soon. From there, Shanahan stated that Lance’s rehab plan has yet to be determined, but he hopes Lance will make it to the Bay Area and be around the team as much as possible.

“As soon as he can get back here and start rehab, we want him to be a part of everything,” Shanahan said. “Every meeting he can be there, every practice he can be there. I know he’s not going to be able to do it all because of how much he’s got for rehab, but especially in those meetings and stuff, we plan Don’t make it when Trey is away from us. We plan to be with him whenever he isn’t taking care of his ankle.”

At some point this week, Lance will go to injured reserve as a veteran this week Jimmy Garoppolo Takes over as starter for San Francisco with rookie brock purdy Stepping in as a backup. The 49ers will try to add another quarterback to the practice squad at some point.

“We’ll see what’s out there,” Shanahan said. “We definitely need a player here for the practice team because if anything happens we need a third man, because he is one game away from being a backup and he is two plays away from being our starter.”

Lance’s ankle injury occurred at about 2:20, which went on a second-down zone-read run in the first quarter in which Lance decided to keep the ball instead of handing it to the receiver. Ray-Ray McCloud, Lance bursts in the middle, but Seahawks linebacker cody barton He got into the hole after a lead of 2 yards.

Lance fell awkwardly and his right ankle appeared to be bent under him. Lance looked like he was going to be fine as Kendra Jake Brendel Offered help, but Lance quickly went back downstairs. A car came out soon after, and Lance was escorted to the locker room with his right leg in an air cast after offering words of encouragement by his teammates.

Most of the Niners players and coaches who spoke after the win against Seattle said they knew immediately that Lance’s injury was serious.

who had gone through similar injuries, such as a defensive end nick bossa (who tore the ACL in his left knee in Week 2 of the 2020 season), offering some perspective to Lance.

“It’s the worst part of the game,” Bossa said. “It happens instantly and there’s no turning back. Once it happens, you feel like your life is over for a certain amount of time. … Then that [surgery] starts his road back. It won’t be easy, but he will come back and he will be fine. It’s really tough right now.”

Lance wasn’t the only Niner in Sunday’s game with an ankle injury. rookie running back Tyrion Davis-Price He suffered a high ankle sprain early in the game, an injury that neither he nor the team knew about to date but would keep Davis-Price out for several weeks.

Davis-Price injury comes a week after the Niners start running back after losing Eliza Mitchell For about two months because of a sprain in the right knee. That means, like the quarterback, the Niners will be in the market to return again this week.

starter Jeff Wilson Jr., and unscrupulous cheaters Jordan Mason There are only two healthy running backs on the roster, though experienced Marlon McKay There is a candidate to be promoted from the practice squad.

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