NBARank 2022 – Ranking of the best players for 2022-23, 10 to 6. until

NBARank is back to count the best players in the league for its 12th season.

Where are the MVP candidates like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, Joel Embiid And Nikola Jokic, What about rookies and young stars ready to leap into the upper tier of NBA players?

where is lebron jamesWho is entering its 20th season?

To get NBARank’s final prediction, we asked our expert panel to vote on the player pairing: LeBron Vs. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry Vs i morentoLuca Vs. jason tatum … And the list goes on.

We asked, “Which player will be better in 2022-23?” Voters had to predict what they expected from each player during the season.

We have already disclosed the number of players 100-26 and number 25-11. Today, our ranking continues to be among the top 10 superstars of the league.

Note: ESPN’s NBARanks panel, made up of more than 200 journalists, editors, producers and analysts, was asked to rank players based on their projected contributions – quality and quantity – for the 2022-23 season only.

Phoenix Sons | sg

2021 NBArank: number 15

Only 25 years old and already out of three-time All-Star and All-NBA selections, Booker and his silky effortless offensive game should fight for the top shooting guard position in the league for years to come.

Why did he grow five spots?

Booker’s ascending year — an NBA Finals run, followed by an Olympic gold medal and leading Phoenix to a league-best 64 victories in the regular season — ended with a sharp drop. The Sons were unceremoniously bounced from the second round of the playoffs, with Booker combining to shoot a combined 9-for-31 in Games 6 and 7 against Dallas.

But Booker’s 26.8 points per game last season finished 12th in the league, further cementing his reputation as one of the game’s deadliest scorers. However, he will take the next step by leveraging his scoring skills in times of crisis. Last season, in the first nine-minute quarters, Booker scored 48.5% overall and 3 to 42.1%. In the last three minutes of the quarters? He shot 41.8% from the ground and 31.8% from the deep.

A big question for 2022-23

The Sons won a whopping 74.6% of their regular-season games over the past two seasons, but they have been defined by their flameouts as much as they are their success. Booker’s rise to All-Star status has been largely absent from the weight of expectations. He will have to win big in the playoffs to advance his place in the game.

The question is, in today’s NBA, where the top tier of superstardom is reserved for players who dominate at both ends, what is the room for growth for Booker? Offensively, he relies on finesse, angles and footwork to do his damage. Defensively, he is certainly known to be a key player who can work within team plans. Can he become more powerful with his stops and his score to climb up the list of the best in the game?

— Dave McMenamin

Memphis Grizzlies | PG

2021 NBArank: number 31

Morant might just be the NBA’s most entertaining player, a high-flying acrobat with a poise and confidence crawling toward arrogance. He made Grizzlies must watch TV.

why he grew 22 spots

Morant made a huge leap from promising franchise cornerstone to real superstar last season. His scoring jumped more than eight points per game to 27.1, which elevated Morant to the top echelon of offensive weapons and earned him his first All-Star berth and the Most Improved Player award.

He is a pure point defender who is a leading internal scorer despite his 6-foot-3 frame, as Morant has a breathtaking mix of explosiveness, finesse and fearlessness. According to ESPN Stats and Information Research, he averaged 16.6 pent points last season, becoming the only guard to lead the league in that category over the past 25 seasons.

A big question for 2022-23

How much better can Morant get? The 23-year-old has room for huge improvement on the defensive end, where his slim frame makes him a target, and he tends to lose focus.

Offensively, he’s already a nightmare for opponents, but just imagine how difficult Morant’s defense will be if his 3-point shot (34.4 percent last season) continues to improve. If Morant can consistently pay the guard to go down the screen, it may be impossible to stop him.

— Tim McMahon

Brooklyn Nets | sf

2021 NBArank: number 1

After requesting that no player carried out the NBA’s summer talks over Durant, Brooklyn pulled back a trade request. How he fits back into Nets culture after requesting the removal of coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks remains one of the league’s most intriguing questions.

why did he fall seven spots

When Durant played, he was one of the best players on the planet. The problem for the former MVP is that he couldn’t stay on the floor.

A knee injury cost him nearly two months of play, and for the second year in a row he was forced to miss a substantial portion of the season. Durant has played in 90 of a possible 152 regular-season games over the past two seasons. Durant, who will be 34 when the season tips, will have to prove he can stay healthy to vault the former elite side back to the Nets.

A big question for 2022-23

Apart from health, the big question for the Nets is whether Durant will remain committed to the team. After a season full of emotional ups and downs for the organization, Durant’s business request and the uncertainty surrounding Kyrie Irving And ben simmons Make the Nets one of the most fascinating stories in the NBA. But what happens when times get tough? Will old disappointments grow?

— Nick Friedel

Boston Celtics | sf

2021 NBArank: number 14

After his first All-NBA appearance, winning the Eastern Conference Finals MVP, making his first trip to the NBA Finals and playing for a team fighting for the league’s best record, Tatum was given another jump in his entry. Ready for the sixth season.

Why did he grow seven spots?

While Tatum didn’t make any of the three All-NBA teams in 2020-21, when the Celtics finished seventh in the East, he was down to .500 this past season after a dramatic turnaround at Boston in late January. I was the first qualified member of the team. The former to finish second and reach the final for the first time since 2010.

At the same time, Tatum set a career-high of 26.9 points per game, continued to increase his 3-point effort rate and remained one of the best two-way wing players in the league.

A big question for 2022-23

Tatum made some progress as a passer last season – something coach Ime Udoka has insisted on since arriving last summer – but continues to improve in that part of his game that sees him a place past the Top 10. will allow the player to leave. For the one competing for the top spot on this list.

Although his assist total remained essentially unchanged from year to year in the regular season, he shot during the playoffs, including an average of seven per game during the finals. He would also like to bounce back from a disappointing performance in his series against the Golden State Warriors, where he scored 30.8% from 2-point range in six games.

— Tim Bontemps

Los Angeles Lakers | sf

2021 NBArank: No. 3

It’s season number 20 for James, and a lot is at stake for the all-time great. He needs 1,323 points for eclipse Kareem Abdul-Jabbari as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, but the Lakers’ team’s success—or lack thereof—will largely determine how the moment resonates.

why did he fall three places

For the second time in four seasons as a Laker, James missed the playoffs – after missing the postseason only twice in his first 15 years in the league. James’s average of 30.3 points per game was unprecedented for a 19-year veteran, but he lost 26 games due to various injuries and a poorly-fitting roster around him led to one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history.

James has already redefined the notion of how long a player’s prime can last, so it would be foolish to write it off too soon, but it’s impossible to ignore that the Lakers had one. Negative The net ratings were on the floor with James last season, which is reason enough to put him out of the top five in the rankings, no matter what his impressive offensive output.

A big question for 2022-23

In the midst of dropping 42 points during a cameo appearance in LA’s famous Drew League in July, James told ESPN, “I’m 100 percent healthy.” It’s a solid start for James to get things back on track.

The question is, could James have the privilege of being healthy at the same time? Anthony Davis What could give the Lakers a chance to repeat the title-winning success in 2020? If both James and Anthony can play most of the LA games, the Lakers will have a viable path to work the postseason, despite the challenges of working out. Russell Westbrook And a new coach is being directed by Darwin Haim.

— McMenamin

NBArank 2022: We. 100-26 | We. 25-11 | We. 10-6 | We. 5-1 (coming Friday).

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