Most Popular Sporting Events on TV

Photo courtesy of Sophie Stadium: Sophie Stadium in Inglewood hosted the Super Bowl.

Sports is a passion in America and every weekend millions of Americans sit on their TVs to watch some of the greatest sporting events on earth.

Not only does the US have some of the wealthiest and most popular sports leagues in the world, but it also has a culture of celebrating sporting achievement and a vast pool of talent. In recent years, the US has also developed a thriving sports betting sector and the overlap between sports coverage and betting coverage has added a new dimension to analysts. nfl picks Or analyzing the latest statistics or replays from top games.

The rivalry between the leagues for this segment of the audience is intense, with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake in both live audience viewership and sponsorship. There are only so many sports watching hours on the weekend, and that means some games are lost. So which sports and sporting events are winning the battle for TV?

Super Bowl

American football lovers eagerly await the Super Bowl every year. When it comes to athletic events in America, the National Football League championship game consistently ranks among the top. The Super Bowl is a match that not even a presidential debate can remove from the top of the viewing statistics.

Not only do millions of fans watch the game itself, but A-list halftime shows and even commercials attract large audiences. The LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals played in the most recent Super Bowl, which attracted 112.3 million spectators, a huge increase from 96.4 million a year earlier.

world Series

It’s One of America’s Favorite Fall Traditions game schedule, The Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series every October marks the conclusion of the regular season. In a best-of-seven series, the American League and National League champions split to determine the World Series champion. The Atlanta Braves won the 2021 World Series, its 117. Wasth Repetition, and even though this feast of baseball may not get as many spectators as it once was, it’s still one of the top sporting events to watch. For example, Game Six for the 2021 World Series drew a TV audience of 14.3 million viewers.

NCAA Final Four

America’s basketball stars showcased their skills in college before entering the NBA, and the NCAA Final Four is the finale of their basketball season as well as a showcase of the best collegiate talent. The Semi-Finals and Finals are held each year in one of America’s great basketball cities, and the anticipation is clear for the period leading up to the Final Four known as the March Madness.

An average of 18.1 million people watched the 2022 championship game as Kansas beat UNC.

nba finals

Although NBA fans follow their teams through 82 games in the regular season, the real fun begins when the playoffs begin. Reaching the playoffs is a feat in itself, but only two of the post-season contenders will advance to the NBA Finals. It’s no secret why so many people want to tune in to watch the NBA Finals, which offers a combination of great basketball, an outstanding celebrity presence, and a lively atmosphere. The Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics met in the 2022 NBA Finals and 16.9 million people were watching when the Warriors won the title in game six.


As the most famous competition in golf, the Masters is rivaled only by the British Open. Staged each spring in Augusta, Georgia, the Masters is known for attracting the world’s top players as well as a large audience. It is the first Major of the golf season and features all the top professionals competing in four rounds over four days to win the coveted green jacket and become the Masters champion. Peak TV viewership for the Masters reached 13.16 million on the final day in 2022.

Kentucky Derby

Kentucky DerbyThe , known as “the fastest two minutes in the game”, is not only the most famous horse race in the United States, but one of the most prestigious races in the world. The centerpiece of Derby weekend is the Grand Finale, in which three-year-old good breeds compete for a mile and a half around the Churchill Downs track. A total of 147,000 people attended the most recent Kentucky Derby in person, while 19 million people watched it on television.

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