Magic: The Gathering Infinity preview card Goblin Cruciverbalist wants to test your Scrabble skills

back to the golden age of Magic the Gatheringparody expansion set without sticking (1998) took the game to a comical twist, with cards like Chaos Confetti asking you to tear yourself to pieces and toss them across the room and across the table. Almost 25 years later, we are bummed to see that Magic hasn’t lost its funny side as the 5th parody set. Infinity will be issued on 7 October.

Thanks to Wizards of the Coast, tap and sack And geek culture We are honored to present our tongue twister exclusive preview card – Ghost CruciverBallist!


Cruciverbalist is a real word for shocking (for someone who loves crossword puzzles), so naturally, its ability is all about coming up with words on the spot. Let’s hope you are watching Wheel of Fortune religiously!

Here’s how the card works: When the Goblin Cruciverbalist comes into play, you get the name of an artifact token with a vowel. And when it attacks, you’ll need to come up with a word that contains that chosen vowel, plus the first letter of all the permanents you control. Confused yet?

Imagine you have 2 islands, a mountain, Goblin Cruciverbalist, Chrome Mocks, and a token named A on your battlefield, then you can declare the word “magic”! If you are able to come up with a new word each time, the Goblin Cruciverbalist gets +X/+0 where X is the number of letters in the word. A creature with 6/4 haste for 3 mana isn’t bad at all!

Infinity is specially designed with an interplanetary circus theme, which is a far cry from what we’ve seen in previous Unsets. Not only that, Infinite will be raising its flag for introducing completely new concepts in the magic scene.

stickers on cards

Games have used counters for a long time – simple +1/+1 indicators, or even keyword counters that were used for the first time ecoria, But they were always present on the battlefield, and once those cards were gone, so did the counters (with a few exceptions).

Now Infinity is introducing the concept of stickers to permanently mark or replace the card’s features. While the full rules of how it works haven’t been released yet, the idea is that these stickers will stay with the card whether it goes to the graveyard, hand, or back to your library.

The use of stickers could be a sort of real-world solution to the permanent mechanics found in Arena, Magic’s digital platform. Those cards that are perpetual are digitally marked and easy for the system to track. It’s unclear how practical these stickers will be in the event of a live game (what if they fall off while shuffling?) but it’s a bold move from Wizards that could see more use in future sets.

new galaxy file variant

In addition to the surge foiling found in the Warhammer 40k Universe beyond the Commander deck, Infinite Galaxy will also introduce a new, different type of foiling called the Foil. Described by wizards as seeing stars in the night sky, we can only imagine some kind of glow effect of the Galaxy Foil. How defined or visible these ‘stars’ will be, we’ll have to find out when Infinity will be released.

Launch of 2 new foil variants on the same day (!) Full number of variants 6, and 3 of them are in 2022 alone. It can be difficult to keep up even for die-hard fans of the game, so expect things to slow down after that.

Black border card for cross-format use

Even though it wasn’t clear enough that the wacky mechanics and suggestive jokes weren’t intended for mainstream play at events or tournaments, all of the previous Unset cards (except the land) came in silver borders, to make them suitable for casual play. be clearly demarcated.

Now for the first time in Magic history, Infinity Cards will come printed in a black border, and with good reason! Many of these cards will be valid in perpetual formats (Vintage, Legacy, and the commander) unless he has an acorn security stamp at the bottom of the card. These “acorns” would effectively become known as the new silver borders of the past.

You’ve probably noticed that our preview card Goblin Cruciverballist actually has an acorn stamp on the bottom of the card – this means it can only be used for casual play!

last stage

Infinity is all about the lighter side of Magic, and honestly a very welcome alternative to the serious nature of the game. How effective the new stickers will be is a toss up, but now that some cards are entering eternal formats, this magick will change the landscape, hopefully for the better.

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