Jack Britton says he is healthy and wants to help the team win the championship

Jack Britton said he was ready.

The Yankees said wait and see and maybe. The lefty reliever who worked back from elbow reconstructive surgery last October is done with minor league rehab appearances. The old man suffered for a reason; To help get this team into the World Series.

“I have a chance and I want to help the team win,” the Briton said ahead of Wednesday night’s game against the Pirates at Yankee Stadium. “We have a really good team. I mean it doesn’t affect my future. I’m healthy. I know that if I’m healthy, the future will be good for me. I don’t want to push things like that.” The reason I want to pitch is to help this team win this year for no reason at all. So there’s no benefit to me personally, other than the fact that I’ll probably be an influence on the World Series Championship team. That’s really the only goal for me at this stage of my career. I’ve got my contract. I’m 34. My reasons are very different now than when I was younger. I want to win a ring so I It inspired me to come back and be an option for the team. So whether they activate me or not is up to them.”

The Yankees are in a dilemma about their roster moves. The Briton made it clear that he is not going to waste time in the minor leagues. He’s a seasoned guy who knows his body and his pitches, he’s just wasting bullets out there.

Aaron Boone went on to say that the indecision was related to how they would further trim their roster. they plan to activate Right-handed Scott Efros on Wednesday.

“Right now we’re struggling with a lack of pitching,” Boone said. “As far as the safety requirement for the German in the rotation on Saturday, no.. probably because of the full allocation of pitches. So we just got to see where we are from a day-to-day coverage standpoint.”

The Briton is in the final year of his contract with the Yankees. He made just 22 appearances last season before being turned down to undergo surgery for Tommy John. The Briton has 154 career saves and his last full season in 2020 was 1.89 ERA.

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While the Yankees will not be counting on the Briton, they will need much-needed experienced help for a bullpen that has already been cut thin by injuries from Chad Green and Michael King. The bullpen has struggled last month for seven runs Tuesday night against a struggling pirate squad,

“I think it’s trying to lock in what are the best roles, positions, situations and matchups for them,” Boone said. “I think we have to do it on a matchup sort of basis where these guys get these two hitters in what we think is the best position for them. Again, I think we can have great stuff there. And there are really great options and different people coming back into the mix that can help. But sorting and closing those roles and where they’re best equipped is going to be important here in these last days. Huh. “

DJ LeMahieu went out to hit the field the other day straight. The infielder said his toe felt fine after hitting it for the first time on Tuesday, but the Yankees aren’t sure when he will return.

“It’s just a difficult situation,” Boone said. “You know, it’s like when you fully dive in, let it rip? You know? Because does that eventually start to jerk? So what’s the timeline? The best way to go about this job What is it? I don’t really have that answer. And then eventually the wearers are going to meet the road and we’re going to figure it out. But we have to keep trying and make progress to get that.”

Boone said LeMahieu is staying in shape and will then have to finish the season to manage the pain. LeMahieu “probably,” won’t be 100% this season.

Matt Carpenter, who is out with a fractured leg, she was cleared to begin loading and was able to track the pitches on Tuesday. He will need another imaging to clear him up to begin full baseball activities. Andrew Benintendi’s wrist injury is “progressive”, but the outfielder is currently under season. Boone admitted that the best position for him is to return to the playoffs.

Aaron Hicks left the clubhouse before Wednesday night’s game with cold/flu-like symptoms.

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