Ezra Miller believed he was the Messiah, the Flash was the Jesus of the multiverse: Report – Rolling Stone

one month later Ezra Miller they said they would enter treatment To tackle “complicated mental health issues,” a new report details the actor’s troubling spiral over the past two years, with Miller believing he was “the Messiah.”

According to Vanity FairMiller’s mental health issues began to worsen at the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, while working on his film projects – including Fantastic Beasts Sequel – Suddenly stopped. With “no plans”, Miller traveled to Iceland, where the actor’s issues first made headlines after he was filmed suffocating a woman in Reykjavik.

In Iceland, Miller – who was reportedly struggling since his parents’ divorce – was accompanied by a 55-year-old South Dakota medicine man and “spiritual counselor” named Jasper Young Bear, who would tell Miller that the actor was the Messiah. And those “monsters” were behind him, Vanity Fair wrote.

,[Miller would] talk about the metaverse and medicine and how they are messiahs and what [their] The work is here,” said a source. ,Rolling stone changed the quote to reflect Miller’s preferred pronouns.) “They say that their spiritual practice is to be among the people – which means party. So, when in Icelandic, [they were] Nonstop. [Their] favorite waves where [they’d] Go on benders for two or three days at a time.”

Miller’s issues intensified upon his return to America, both in Vermont – where the actor ran Vermont child services — and Hawaii, where Miller was arrested on charges ranging from disorderly conduct To second degree attack,

At Miller’s farm in Vermont—called “The Mountain”—the actor reportedly had an altar that contained marijuana, sage, chestnuts, and figurines of The Flash, the DC superheroes they portray on the big screen; According to one source, Miller often refers to himself as the alter ego of the big screen, “claiming that the Flash is the one who brings together as diverse as Jesus.”

Two sources told earlier Rolling stone That there has been frequent and heavy use of hemp on the farm in front of children, there is little concern about proper ventilation. Rolling stone Also revealed to be a large cannabis farm on Miller’s property, Miller’s close friend and alleged “handyman” Whitney Sutters has claimed on social media that the two were running a cannabis company called Rebel Alliance Cannabis.

Miller’s preoccupation with drugs (“medicine,” he referred to it) and firearms was also a concern for his inner circle at The Mountain; A friend recounts the sage burning Miller in the barrel of an AR-15. Miller embarked on a road trip in January 2022, where he uploaded infamous video Threatening to kill a North Carolina chapter of the KKK. After that, Miller’s friends and mother Marta reportedly switched their weapons.

“A large bow and arrow was placed on the table, which was facing the door. Ezra was lying face down on the floor,” a friend of Miller told Vanity Fair, “There are always people in the house. And there was no one there, only Ezra, drunk, alone with a bow and arrow as the others had taken the guns and set them off. And Ezra was terrified of this.”

as Rolling stone First reported in April, Miller’s string of arrests prompted an emergency meeting Executives from Warner Bros. and comics giant DC to discuss the actor’s future with the studio.

after the future flamboyant — or Jesus of the Multiverse, as Miller referred to the character — was threatened by his actions (as well as the studio’s abrupt cancellation). bat girl), Miller eventually Apologies to WB officials personally and promised to enter a treatment center.

The news of Miller’s treatment came a few days later. Rolling stone informed of Police visits 29-year-old actor’s Vermont farm Concerned about the safety of a young mother and her three children, who were kept in the house.

“Having recently gone through a period of intense crisis, I now understand that I struggle with complex mental health problems and have started treatment,” the statement said. “I want to apologize to everyone that I have been concerned and upset by my past behavior. I am committed to doing what is necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive state in my life.”

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