Dallas Stars acquire Nils Lundqvista

7:30 pm: Both teams Now officially announced business.

7:28 PM: Matthew DeFranx to the Dallas Morning NewsIn the deal the conditional 2025 fourth-round pick becomes the 2025 third-round pick if Lundqvist scores 55 or more total points in the next two seasons.

7:10 PM: Athletic has reported That Rangers will also receive a conditional 2025 fourth-round pick as part of the deal.

6:46 PM: As the training camps are about to begin, nils lundqvista Got your new team. as previously reported Lundqvist is traded to the Dallas Stars by the Athletics’ Shayna Goldman.

The Stars are sending Rangers a top-10 protected 2023 first-round pick in return, According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, If the pick lands in 2023 and the Stars keep it up, Rangers will receive an unsecured 2024 first-rounder.

Lundqvist, 22, had requested a trade from the Rangers, a trade request that had received significant media coverage in recent days. Because there are five players involved in the Rangers’ defense (Adam Fox, jacob oven, Ryan Lindgren, K’Andre MillerAnd braden schneider) who are either currently long established or on their way to that position, Lundqvist felt he would have no chance of earning a top-four spot with power play time in New York.

It is this locked-out spirit that prompted this trade request, rather than any animosity towards the organization, and now Lundqvist is at the head of a team that features a defensive group that is slightly less set in stone. On paper, it looks like this acquisition is part of an effort to make up for Stars’ losses. John Klingberg, crew Put signature on defense personnel Colin Miller Two years on, a $1.85MM deal this summer, and thanks to that deal so far, he has the inside track of winning Klingberg’s old job on the team’s second pair asa lindel,

But now Miller has Lundqvist to compete for that role, and since the Stars surrendered a quality asset to acquire Lundqvist, Miller’s initial hold on that second-pair job may not be as strong. As it once seemed.

Additionally, the team Put signature on defense personnel will butcher for a contract earlier this summer, and at the time it looked like Butcher would be Miller’s primary competition for the role as the team’s offensive blueliner. With this trade, Butcher’s position in the team’s blueline mix is ​​more precarious.

There is the presence of another lineup factor at play here. miro hiskanen, Hiskanen’s mastery of the defensive side of the game may make him the preferred partner for Lundqvist, whose game has a more offensive lean. Additionally, a Lundqvist–Heskanen pair would allow Heskanen to move to the left, which he could have preferred.

It’s not a cheap addition to the Stars, but it’s a clear sign that the team is confident that Lundqvist will be every part of the dynamic offensive force at the NHL level that he looked for in the SHL. With Klingberg gone, the Stars need to find a way to replace the offense he brought to his blueline, and Lundqvist currently represents his highest-ever upside opportunity to do so.

For Rangers, it’s a grand comeback for a prospect who had already requested a trade and was unlikely to be included in the team’s long-term plans. While Rangers’ pay cap issues made Lundqvist (and his economical cap hit) particularly useful over the next few years, Rangers have other young defense personnel like zack jones which can play a similar role. Getting a coveted 2023 first-rounder (even if he’s a top-ten protected) or an unprotected 2024 first-rounder in exchange for Lundqvist is as strong a comeback as Rangers can reasonably hope to receive.

While the cost for the Stars now seems high, if Lundqvist has a breakout year this season, the Stars won’t mind paying that price. It has become common for fans to assign immediate winners and losers to every transaction, and this trade will be no different. With that said, though, it’s important to note that this is the type of trade where it will be difficult to truly judge Dallas’ side of the deal until we see how Lundqvist fares on the winning green.

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