How to Apply for Subsidized Health Insurance

If you’re employed, your employer will likely offer you the option to add health insurance to your benefits package at little or no cost to you (the employee). This can be a great perk of working for an employer who cares about its employees. However, many employees and employers alike don’t understand how the health … Read more

Find out how many people in the US have health insurance

With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) going into effect on January 1, 2014, many Americans are wondering how the health care law will affect them. Will more people have health insurance? Will it make it easier to get healthcare services? And, perhaps most importantly, who qualifies for subsidies and how much will they be worth? … Read more

How many people have health insurance in USA?

In the United States, health insurance has become an important part of the population’s everyday lives. It’s not only vital to know how many people have health insurance in USA, but also the different types of health care coverage that are available throughout the country. Most Americans have basic health care that includes things like … Read more

How Many People Have Health Insurance?

By definition, having health insurance means you’re protected from the high costs of unexpected medical bills and procedures when they happen. However, not everyone in the United States has health insurance, which can make a bad situation even worse. Here’s how many people have health insurance in the U.S., and what can be done to … Read more

How to Get Low Cost Health Insurance

If you’re looking to get low cost health insurance or wondering how to find affordable health insurance, you’re not alone. While most employees have the option of receiving insurance from their employer, this coverage often comes with high premiums and deductibles, especially if your company is not self-insured and has to pay for it themselves … Read more