Canadian meteorologist gets real about breast cancer in candid interview

Nicole Karkik, dressed in a white blouse, looks out the window.

Canadian meteorologist Nicole Karkick opened up to Yahoo Canada about her breast cancer diagnosis. (Photo via Instagram/Nikolerkik)

Nicole Karkick Opening up about her breast cancer diagnosis.

talking to yahoo canadaThe Weather Network meteorologist revealed that although she hopes to defeat the disease, her journey so far has not been easy.

“I was told I had cancer at the end of July. It was overwhelming… I knew something was wrong because they had to do a biopsy and they wanted me to see them in person… I wanted to cry But the information was trying to be heard,” she explained. “When I told my husband he was more upset than I thought I was in shock. But I wanted to make sure he was okay.”

“I keep believing what the doctor is saying. He explained that it’s not a death sentence.”Nicole Karkick

Karkik recently shared that He tested positive for the BRCA2 gene, which increases her risk for both ovarian and breast cancer. As such, the television personality was put through a series of tests that led to doctors being diagnosed with cancer in her left breast.

“The word cancer is so loaded. So when I was told I had breast cancer, it was very real,” she wrote in a candidate Instagram post who informed the followers of his diagnosis.

In the post, Karkick also shared a graphic showing that women who are BRCA2 positive are 40 to 55 percent more likely to develop breast cancer and have an increased risk of ovarian cancer by 15 to 25 percent. .

However, she revealed that since it is an earlier stage cancer, she is “extremely lucky” and has a strong chance of beating the disease.

“The doctors have been positive. It’s a stage one cancer, it’s very small and it’s being caught early. Plus, I was swiftly scheduled for surgery… a mastectomy and reconstruction,” she said couple,

Karkik continued, “I keep believing what the doctor is saying. He explained that it is not a death sentence. It is treatable and you are going to book your surgery date and you are going to live your life. are.” Interview.

Until surgery is done, Karkick won’t know what her treatment plan will look like, but she says it will include “hormone therapy.”

“I’m extremely lucky because they’re not talking about chemotherapy. I’ll most likely have to do hormone therapy. But they wouldn’t know for sure what to do because they would biopsy my lymph nodes to see what happens. As for whether it has spread, which they don’t think it is at this point,” she said. “They will come up with my protocol after the biopsy and the pathology report. The cancer has really cool features because we’re catching it so early, which is awesome. They can’t even feel it, it’s so small.”

“Here’s my even bigger message, a reminder to regularly get women to breast screen.”Nicole Karkick

Feather instagramKarkik explained why he decided to share his story with the world.

“Naturally, my state of health has given me the color pink, a color that symbolizes breast cancer awareness. So here I am, I decided to share why I was BRCA2 positive in the first place. This There was genetic testing to spread more information, and now this is my even bigger message, a reminder to regularly check women’s breasts,” she Told,

Nicole Karkick encourages all women

Nicole Karkick encourages all women to “get tested” and “get tested”. (Photo via Instagram/Nikolerkik)

In the interview, Karkick detailed why she went public with her diagnosis and offered some “important advice” to women.

“I’m a public figure so I wanted to tell people who see me on television where I am and why I don’t exist. I just wanted to be honest,” she explained. “And I have some important advice for women, especially those in their 40s — ask your doctor to get tested or get tested. A lot of women aren’t staying on top of their health! But honestly, If this wasn’t something that was flagged for me, my cancer would be a more aggressive form because I would have waited until I felt something, and that’s terrible.”

“Early testing is very important. Get tested for peace of mind, pass your Pap, your mammogram.”Nicole Karkick

Despite the tension and uncertainty associated with his diagnosis, the meteorologist has raised a hope.

“Everyone is so supportive that I can’t even keep up with the positive comments. It’s great to feel so supported that it’s a nice distraction from what’s going on,” she said with a sigh of relief. “I feel like I’m not over it yet, but there are so many examples of women with breast cancer who beat it, which is inspiring. It makes me feel a little more secure and hopeful that I can beat it too.” ..”

“Early testing is very important. Get tested for peace of mind, cross your Pap, your mammogram,” concludes Karkick.

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