2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Debut with Hybrid Turbo Four

The original 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG will forever occupy a place in the automotive pantheon. Courtesy of the 6.2-liter V8’s 451 horsepower under the hood, that C63 was a high-revealing banter. And for American consumers, it followed a very familiar hot-roading formula—Mercedes’ largest-displacement engine jammed into its smallest car.

since before C 63The compact AMG flagship has gone through a few changes. The naturally aspirated V8 went on for the 2016 model year, which was called a . was replaced by Twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre unit Which despite having less displacement still produces more power and torque. Consumers didn’t care, and wanted every C63 they could find. Here’s hoping buyers will likewise forgive the 2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE Performance, which goes even further in pursuit of downsizing cutting half cylinders – That’s right, it has a 2.0-liter inline-four.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFront Quarter
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFront View
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorRear View

no fear. In exchange for the loss of displacement, AMG engineers gave the modest C-Class a turbocharger with instantaneous electric spooling, as well as a rear-mounted electric motor and battery setup to add even more power. Now a plug-in hybrid, the 2024 C63 makes 671 horses and a staggering 752 pound-feet of torque. Not only are they the best numbers ever for a roadgoing C-Class, they are the most of any AMG product in history. V8 Who?

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorRear Quarter

upper-crust uppercut

The defining heart and soul of the Mercedes-AMG C63 is its turbocharged 2.0-litre inline-four, codenamed the M139. Even without the help of the hybrid drive system, the internal-combustion engine makes 476 hp (350 kW), making it the most powerful production four-banger on the planet. as less powerful C43 Model, the engine has an electrically driven turbocharger that reduces lag to an almost imperceptible level. derived from Formula 1 TechniquesThe turbocharger consists of a small electric motor placed between the exhaust turbine and the compressor wheel, which spins to boost the turbo when called by the driver.

But while 476 horses was enough just a few years ago, today’s super-sedan shoppers demand more. That’s where the rear-mounted electric motor comes in. Working with a 6.1-kWh-hour battery and 400-volt electrical architecture, the motor pushes 204 hp (150 kW) on the road – either by itself or in conjunction with a gas engine . In the former case, the C63 will be capable of about 8 miles of all-electric driving, but as AMG chief technical officer Jochen Hermann said, the electrification strategy isn’t really focused on efficiency. Instead, this car is built to go fast.

With all-cylinder firing and a peak of 150 kWh of electrons drained from the battery, the C63 produces the aforementioned 671 hp and 752 lb-ft, helping it hit 60 mph in the manufacturer-claimed 3.3 seconds Meets. That’s about half a second faster than the outgoing C63, with a top speed that matches its predecessor at about 174 mph with the optional AMG driver’s package – the older C63 S could top 180 mph. But who’s counting? More important than the final numbers is the AMG sound profile, and although the new C63 won’t have the road-ripping sound of its predecessor, it should still be very emotional.

That’s because it has a number of audio tuning tricks, including a sensor in the exhaust that detects noise pressure, then amplifies it through stereo speakers for a more exciting soundtrack. mercedes It’s worth noting that the sound that makes it into the cabin isn’t synthesized or transformed, only amplified, so the car will still sound like a turbocharged four-banger. If it sounds anything like bat-out-of-hell CLA 45The C63 would still be exciting enough to rave out.

Part and parcel of the acceleration experience is the now familiar nine-speed multi-clutch transmission. Different from a dual-clutch gearbox, the AMG SpeedShift MCT uses a rather complicated, wet clutch pack of torque converter, allowing the C63 to respond to the throttle more smoothly than a conventional automatic, but compared to a dual-clutch gearbox. – Clutch gearbox with improved low speed refinement. What’s more, the electric motor has its own two-speed gearbox, which ensures plenty of e-boost even when traveling at high speeds.

And for the first time in history, the hottest C-Class will offer all-wheel drive. The so-called 4Matic+ system features an electronically controlled limited-slip rear differential, although the electric motor acts directly on the rear axle for near-quick response. What’s more, a clutch system allows the electric motor to spin the driveshaft as well, which in turn spins the front wheels. This means that even when operating in pure EV mode, the C63 always has four-wheel traction.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFront Quarter
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorRear Quarter

strike a pose

However, the C63 makes a good impression before you even turn it on. For starters, it has a wider front track, resulting in an overall width of over 3.0 inches Standard C-Class, The front fenders have been punched out accordingly, with flared arches that are about 2 inches wide. The car is even less C43 and . Overall 3.3 inches longer than C300 model, and the wheelbase is up 0.4 inches. These incremental size increases give the C63 a planted and impressive stance, yet limited styling changes help it feel subtly muscular rather than sharp and screaming.

The changes in the front are the most obvious. An inverted trapezoid grille opening makes room for Mercedes-AMG’s signature Panamericana grille and its attendant vertical bar—a hallmark of the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL racer and AMG products since 2016. Yet another vintage style is the Q double-dome hood, although the 2024 C63 has a special rear-facing hood vent between the twin bulges to help vent hot air into the engine compartment. Primarily, the C63 gets the boldest front bumper treatment of any other C-Class, especially with the optional Aero Package’s aggressive chin splitter.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFront Quarter
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFender Vent
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorExhaust

A set of slits on the wide front fenders is the biggest clue in the C63’s side profile that you’re looking at something special. There are also deep side sills, as well as standard 19-inch or optional 20-inch wheels. Up front, an aggressive rear diffuser and 63-spec trapezoidal exhaust tips are joined by a sculpted decklid spoiler. Otherwise, the AMG C-Class is subtly styled, with a just-right balance of visual aggressiveness. opposite of this BMW M3Mercedes’ entry into the compact super-sedan class screams less, which some buyers will appreciate.

And speaking of that rival, Mercedes will offer the C63 estate to go up against the tall ceiling M3 Touring, I wish America would be out of the game again, except for the high-dollar Audi RS6 Avant As the only fast wagon available in our market. Memo to Mercedes-AMG (and BMW): If Ingolstadt. your friends in You can do it, you can do it too.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Interior Dashboard
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Interior Front Seats
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Interior Rear Seats

Inside, there are AMG-specific refinements typical to the infotainment system, including a track speed timer and a steering wheel-mounted drive selector with dedicated buttons for exhaust and suspension. A new, optional AMG Sport seat includes more aggressive bolsters than the standard chair, as well as cutouts in the backrest and bolts for better ventilation and some incremental weight savings. Unfortunately, the standard C-Class’ plasticy door panels remain at AMG, but the automaker will offer a variety of upholstery colors and finishes, including leather, microfiber suede and contrast stitching.

a tame beast

Long gone are the days when AMG ditched a big, beefy engine under the hood with only minor updates – the 2024 C 63 SE Performance includes plenty of advanced hardware to help keep the torque-rich powertrain in check . For starters, the suspension has adaptive damping and four-corner steel springs to help provide good, consistent handling without sacrificing much ride comfort. A variety of drive modes allow the person behind the wheel to tailor suspension, throttle and brake response, steering and propulsion noise to their taste. Presets include Electric, Comfort, Sport, Sport+, Race, Battery Hold, and Slippery.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorFront Quarter

A rear-axle steering system allows it to move out of phase with the front wheels at speeds below 62 mph, giving the C63 a tighter turning radius and more responsive handling on winding roads. Above that speed, the rear wheels turn in phase with the fronts by 0.7 degrees, improving straight line stability.

An AMG composite braking system is standard with six-piston fixed front calipers for better response and stronger clamping force. In addition to conventional friction brakes, the electric motor is also capable of quickly recovering energy at rates of up to 150 kW, with rates of some driver-selectable regen range from one-pedal driving to throttle-off coasting.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Exterior Front Quarter Charging

The stout breaking package isn’t just doing AMG customers a favor. Due to the fairly eccentric, 700-pound weight gain since its last iteration, the C63’s impressive stoppers are a must. Mercedes says four-wheel steering and regenerative braking help compensate for the new C63’s estimated weight of 4,600 pounds, and we hope they’re right – the older V8 model felt responsive and light on its feet , and it would be a shame if that quality is gone.

raise your hand

The Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance will go on sale in global markets early next year, possibly as a 2023 model. While Americans will have to wait until the 2024 model year to get their hands on the four-cylinder AMG super sedan, deliveries will probably start here in September or October.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance Exterior Front Clip
2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorSpoiler

With the launch in the market almost a year away, we will have to wait for some time for the price announcement as well. The pre-generation Mercedes-AMG C 63 sedan started at $69,650, but prices rose to $77,250 when the higher-performance C 63 S version was selected. We can only assume that the US-market 2024 C63 will cost even more, given the long list of expensive plug-in hybrid technology on board. Don’t be surprised to see a base price of $85,000 when the AMG arrives in the US.

Still, it will probably be worth that high price. Although the added weight of the E Performance System is a bit troubling, AMG engineers have spent the necessary time making sure the 2024 C63 is every bit as exciting to drive as its V8-powered predecessors. It should also serve as a nice foil to the $80,800 BMW M3 Competition xDrive sedan, which, despite its very low weight, tops out at around 60 mph. The relative simplicity of that vehicle has its own appeal, but the 2024 Mercedes-AMG C 63 SE performance proves (at least on paper) that a small, electrified future will be as exciting as the gas-guzzling present.

2024 Mercedes-AMG C63 SE Performance ExteriorAffalterbach Badge

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